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Fundraising help for Non Profits!

We’ve raised millions of dollars for non-profits and won countless awards along the way.

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Keep the heartbeat of your marketing alive with Spark. This tier offers entry-level branding, simple digital advertising, social media presence, basic content planning, e-mail marketing and rudimentary analytics to kickstart your non-profit's marketing journey.


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Elevate Your Nonprofit's Aura

A comprehensive marketing package that offers top-tier services for non-profits. This package includes personalized branding, social media dominance, targeted online advertising, high-quality photo and video content production, e-mail automation, emergency fundraising campaign management, advanced data analytics for optimal market positioning and customer engagement and more.

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Rev up your marketing efforts with Radiance. This tier includes brand consistency, lead donor based online advertising campaigns, social media engagement, website enhancement, customer feedback integration, automated donor e-mail journeys and performance analytics to keep your automotive business on the fast track to growth.


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Please be informed that our strategy revolves around assisting Non-Profits in accomplishing their aspirations, acknowledging that financial constraints can be a factor. To underscore our dedication, we are pleased to offer an advantageous 50% discount from our regular rates to our esteemed non-profit partners.

We generated over $5,000,000 in donations and counting.

Our e-mails delivered over 30% more open rates.

Over 4X ROAS was generated from our donation ads in 2023.

Multi-channel advertising across the most powerful platforms available to deliver donations, followers, website traffic and powerful branding.

Case Study


Oscar's Place Adoption Center and Sanctuary is a U.S. public charity under IRC Section 501(c)(3). When an animal suffers because humans are unkind, Oscar’s Place steps in. They are just a team of everyday individuals, who deeply care for and are committed to providing a safe haven for donkeys in need.




TMA and Oscar's Place were thrilled with the growth and engagement gained from our campaigns.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 10.01.29 AM copy.png

We became a part of Oscar's Place during its foundational stage, initiating the creation of their inaugural website. Amid the challenging circumstances of the pandemic, we launched our digital marketing campaign in January 2021. Since then, Oscar's Place has garnered an impressive $1.5 million in donations, with a projected additional inflow of $1.1 million expected in 2023.

Over the course of just two years, their social media following has burgeoned to a staggering 190,000 followers, with a substantial portion, 165,000, being attributed solely to Facebook.

Notably, their social media pages boast remarkable impression and engagement rates.

Their content now resonates with an extensive audience, reaching more than 6 million individuals on a monthly basis. Impressively, over 1 million of these potential donors actively engage with their posts each month.


In our case study, we would like to highlight our distinctive approach to fundraising for Oscar's Place. Rather than resorting to emergency fundraising tactics, our strategy focused on conveying a positive message and allowing potential donors to make an informed decision about supporting our cause.

This approach served a dual purpose. Firstly, it aligned with our objective of establishing a stable and recurring donor base for Oscar's Place. While we actively engaged new donors through top-of-funnel advertisements, equal emphasis was placed on nurturing existing supporters and encouraging them to transition into monthly contributors.

The results of this strategy speak for themselves. In just a span of two years, we successfully onboarded over 14,000 committed monthly donors, achieving an impressive churn rate of less than 5%. These recurring monthly contributions have added a consistent $300,000 in revenue to Oscar's Place annually.

Building on the success of our recurring donor campaign, in 2022, we introduced the "Oscar's Place Guardians" initiative. This program consists of compassionate monthly donors who play a vital role in providing essential care, including food, medical attention, and nurturing caretakers, to the rescued donkeys. They represent a dependable source of support, month after month, embodying the true essence of guardianship. As of July 2023, we have registered 1,269 Guardians.

Complementing the Guardians program, we implemented a newsletter journey for all new donors. This journey guides individuals from their initial engagement to becoming part of a monthly email newsletter community. The newsletter serves as a platform for periodic donation appeals, especially in times of urgent rescue needs.

The email strategy has proven exceptionally effective, boasting a record-breaking reach among donors. Notably, in times of critical need, it has enabled us to swiftly raise over $90,000 within a single day for Oscar's Place. This multifaceted approach to fundraising has not only secured vital financial support but has also nurtured a strong and dedicated community of supporters for Oscar's Place.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 10.38.13 AM copy.png


In conclusion, the success story of our partnership with Oscar's Place serves as a testament to the power of innovative and strategic marketing in the nonprofit sector. By focusing on spreading a positive message and fostering a strong sense of community, we were able to not only secure vital financial support but also build a dedicated network of supporters.

The exceptional results achieved within a short timeframe, including the acquisition of over 14,000 committed monthly donors and the establishment of the Oscar's Place Guardians program, underscore the effectiveness of our approach.

We invite you to imagine the transformative impact we can bring to your organization and marketing efforts. If our strategies can achieve such remarkable results for a nonprofit, where donors receive no tangible product in exchange for their contributions, consider the possibilities for your company's growth and outreach.

With our expertise, dedication, and a track record of success, we are confident in our ability to craft tailored solutions that will elevate your brand, engage your audience, and drive tangible results. Together, we can create a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience and transforms casual viewers into loyal supporters.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of impactful marketing and growth, and let's explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for your organization.

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