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Elevate your Restaurant's marketing!

We’ve got more customers for restaurants like yours!


How we generated over 4,500 NEW customers in 3 months and you can too.

Here’s the insane truth about restaurant marketing:

There are WAY too many restaurants today that think posting “great content” and “word of mouth” is enough.

They say, “if I have great food, people will naturally come to my restaurant.”

If only it were that easy…

If your serious about acquiring 1,000’s of new customers, you need to be very systematic with how you create and promote your restaurant.

Otherwise, you’re taking the “hope and pray approach”: throwing a bunch of stuff online and hoping something works.

Well, today, we're going to show you a technique that “guarantees” that you get new customers every time you launch an online marketing campaign for your restaurant.

Our Digital Diner Method aka Turning Online Traffic Into Foot Traffic

In 2020 we launched our first restaurant marketing campaign for a local client.

After executing “The Digital Diner Method,” the number of potential clients in our new database shot up like a rocket!


More importantly, our online traffic went up 1300% in just 30 days.

As a nice bonus, a single Facebook post has driven more than 63,000 engagements and generated over 1000 new clients.


The best part?

You can do the same thing for your restaurant, even if you don’t have a massive restaurant group budget.

KPIs We Move

New Customer Lead Volume

Customer Satisfaction Scores / Good Reviews

Brand Perception & Online Sentiment

Organic Search Rankings

Referral Volume From Customers

Digital Experience Operational Efficiencies

Market Share

The Influencer Revolution


Social media has changed the way diners discover restaurants. Thirty percent of Gen Z diners and 20% of Millennial diners discover new restaurants on Instagram, while 21% of Gen Z diners rely on TikTok to make dining decisions. 

Think of social media as the new restaurant critic. In fact, nearly two in five Gen Z diners have gone to a new restaurant they learned about through a social media influencer. And when an influencer posts about a specific dish, Millennials are two times more likely to order it.


Some newer food bloggers and Instagram influencers might recommend restaurants out of the goodness of their hearts, but most established personalities partner with restaurants that can benefit from their recommendations. If influencer marketing isn’t already part of your restaurant’s marketing approach, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Here are several reasons why you should engage influencers to promote your restaurant:

  • Profit potential: Influencer campaigns generate a return on investment that’s 11X times greater than traditional forms of digital advertising. In other words, food influencers are a better bang for your buck.

  • Inherent trust: Influencer marketing is word-of-mouth marketing for the digital age. People trust their favorite influencers to give good recommendations more than they trust businesses, and younger generations are doubly likely to trust influencers than Baby Boomers. Influencers rely on their reputations for success, so diners hold their recommendations in high regard.

  • Hands-off marketing: Influencers do the work for you. They can craft a message about your restaurant that resonates with their audience because they know their audience better than you do. They also create polished images and media on your behalf.

  • New exposure: Partnering with influencers on promotions exposes your restaurant to new audiences. They put your business in front of foodies who may not have previously been familiar with your restaurant.

Untitled (1).png

Influencer marketing can be an effective marketing tactic for restaurants, but it should only be one part of an omnichannel strategy. Omnichannel marketing for restaurants involves using multiple tactics and instead of just one medium.

Create a healthy marketing mix by employing influencer marketing, organic and paid social media marketing, email marketing, advertising, events and more. As you evaluate the effectiveness of each channel, you can change how much you invest in each one.

SevenRooms’ suite of restaurant marketing tools makes implementing an omnichannel marketing strategy easier. Call us today!

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